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The Chivalrous Couple

The Chivalrous Couple

In early 2013, I was asked if I’d be interested in writing a column on lingerie from a man’s perspective. Apparently, they didn’t know who they were talking to! After accepting the assignment for one column, it quickly turned into a three part editorial titled, Lingerie: A Way of Life. After talking with women who had read the columns, I realized something. A lot of men aren’t familiar with traditional dating etiquette and chivalry, and the women are none the wiser. Due to the great response to my lingerie editorials, I decided to start The Chivalrous Life; offering a unique and refreshing perspective on romance, chivalry and lingerie through the eyes of a man.


Lingerie Spotlight – FOXERS For Men

Last month, we waxed ecstatically about a unique line of lingerie brought to you by FOXERS. FOXERS‘ forte is women’s underwear and loungewear that delivers function, comfort and fashion, while keeping it sexy and fun – an objective they have mastered. It’s pretty great seeing my lady clad in her FOXERS knowing that she feels just as cozy as she appears and looks every bit as delicious. I may be a little jealous, even. Fret not, gentlemen. FOXERS is one of the extremely rare intimate apparel couturiers that doesn’t leave the men behind.

That’s right. To compliment FOXERS ladies wear, the brand offers a fantastic line of men’s boxer briefs. “The boxer briefs for women were a take on men’s, so it was natural to make the men’s as well,” says founder/designer, April Spring. “The initial thought was for bride and grooms.” Launched in 2007 alongside their outstanding women’s line, FOXERS for men are designed with all of the same goals: style, comfort and functionality.

Now if you read our December, 2015 Lingerie Spotlight on Erogenos, then you already know that I am not a fan of men’s underwear; only when necessary. Why? Let’s take a look at our options. Tighty-whities? I said options. Boxers? They gather and bunch up. Boxer briefs? Close, but no cigar. The leg openings roll up into the top corners of my thighs. Not comfortable or attractive. Intrigued by the idea that one lingerie designer has both men and women covered, and given that my wife had fallen in love with her FOXERS, how could I resist?

Living in the heat of Arizona, I have been looking for a comfortable and sexy pair of shorts to lounge in for a while. I have some great lounge/pajama pants that meet that criteria, but sometimes you just want shorts! Based on past experiences, I was searching for loose fitting type of shorts because anything else would likely be constricting and conflict with the desired effect.

I gave April my stats (6ft tall and 175lbs), and she sent me the Black Boxer Brief With Elk Band in large and the men’s FOXERS Black T in medium. Like the women’s boxer brief, these too are made of a 92/8 cotton/spandex blend providing sufficient give with ample support, and are available in a wide array of great colors and sizes S-XXL. Each side sports a pocket about the size of a cell phone, and the front – rather than having an opening – is stylishly adorned with two functional snaps; one in the waistband and one just beneath.

After spending the entire day packing our house up in preparation for a big move, a hot shower followed by relaxation was the next order of business; what better time to try my new apparel. The fit of the boxer briefs was fantastic and the thickness of the cotton and spandex felt unbelievable; not constricting in the least. The snaps proved convenient (and fun, adds my bride) and most impressive of all? Wait for it…the legs did not roll up. Ever.

The Black FOXERS Men’s T Shirt is made from 100% premium organic cotton and bares the FOXERS logo, also in black. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a T-shirt made of premium organic cotton before, but I do know that I’ve never had a T-shirt this soft! The FOXERS men’s boxer briefs paired with their men’s T is now hands down, my favorite lounging attire.

FOXERS currently has men’s boxer briefs with and without pockets, and gathered, scrunched or flat waistbands. With plans to launch a new men’s look potentially this summer, April and her team have figured out how to give men a sexy and exceptionally comfortable way to go when it comes to loungewear.


xo – Johnny

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