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The Chivalrous Couple

The Chivalrous Couple

In early 2013, I was asked if I’d be interested in writing a column on lingerie from a man’s perspective. Apparently, they didn’t know who they were talking to! After accepting the assignment for one column, it quickly turned into a three part editorial titled, Lingerie: A Way of Life. After talking with women who had read the columns, I realized something. A lot of men aren’t familiar with traditional dating etiquette and chivalry, and the women are none the wiser. Due to the great response to my lingerie editorials, I decided to start The Chivalrous Life; offering a unique and refreshing perspective on romance, chivalry and lingerie through the eyes of a man.



Boudoir Spotlight: Best Phoenix Boudoir – Phoenix, AZ

As we have descended into fall, many of us are thinking about gifts for out loved ones. If you follow The Chivalrous Life, you already know how I feel about boudoir photography as a gift, and in general, really; can’t get any better. This month’s Boudoir Spotlight brings us full circle to the lovely and talented photographer who first worked with my gorgeous wife a few years back, Diane Haggerson – owner and photographer of Best Phoenix Boudoir in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Lovely Diane Haggerson of Best Phoenix Boudoir

The Lovely Diane Haggerson of Best Phoenix Boudoir

Working out of an elaborate and professional studio in her home 8 months out of the year, Diane has cornered the boudoir market in the Phoenix area for 7 years now. “I was doing a lot of wedding photography and I noticed that brides were looking for a female photographer to do boudoir images, particularly albums, to give to their groom as a wedding present. That’s what initially got me started and now I no longer do weddings, but specialize strictly in boudoir photography. Continue reading

Boudoir Spotlight: Boudoir Coterie – San Jose, CA

With summertime in full swing and temperatures soaring, what better time for The Chivalrous Life to really bring the heat! This installment of the Boudoir Spotlight takes us to the West Coast for a look at Boudoir Coterie, in San Jose, California. Being in the business of lingerie and ladies fashion, I cross paths with some pretty amazing designers, photographers and models; I truly lead a charmed life. Having first seen Danea Burleson’s work a few years back, I am extremely excited to be working with her now to bring it to you; our Chivalrous readers. Continue reading

Boudoir Spotlight: Boudoir by Erica – Marysville, Ohio

The Chivalrous Life is all about celebrating chivalry, romance and lingerie. Our Valentine’s Day column highlighted what an incredible, romantic and chivalrous gift a boudoir photo album of his lady makes when given to him, from her. That said; I thought it appropriate to start celebrating the creative shutterbugs that capture the breathtaking images of our wives, girlfriends, lovers and muses. Beginning this month, The Chivalrous Life will be publishing a regular column, The Boudoir Spotlight, praising stellar boudoir photographers located all around Continue reading

An Enchanted Evening With Romantasy Cabaret’s Le Cabaret Exotique

The Lovely Ladies of VaVaVoom Burlesque

The Lovely Ladies of VaVaVoom Burlesque

With The Chivalrous Life, I emphasize the importance of establishing a regular “date night” with your sweetheart.  That said, I like to think outside the box, get creative and share ideas that are a little left of center from the typical dinner and movie date; perhaps even bring you a review.  This Valentine’s Day I was on a quest to find something different, exciting and even a bit swanky.  After all, I love getting dressed up with my lady. Continue reading

The Off the Grid Weekend

10_romantic_date_ideas (10)I grew up with a stay at home mom and a working father.  In modern times, both the man and the woman in a couple hold down jobs.  Between working, parenting, household duties, social media and countless other distractions, it’s common to feel adrift and before you know it, you’re tearing off another month on the calendar.  It’s so easy to be consumed by the quicksand of our jobs and life’s day-to-day obligations while being completely oblivious to it.

Fret not; there is a way to keep it in check.  I like to call it “The Off the Grid Weekend”.  It will require a conscious effort and planning, but then doesn’t everything worth having?  Sit down with your sweetie, grab your calendar and pick a weekend.  There will be some “we have to do this or go there” commentary back and forth, so you will have to prioritize.  Continue reading