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The Chivalrous Couple

The Chivalrous Couple

In early 2013, I was asked if I’d be interested in writing a column on lingerie from a man’s perspective. Apparently, they didn’t know who they were talking to! After accepting the assignment for one column, it quickly turned into a three part editorial titled, Lingerie: A Way of Life. After talking with women who had read the columns, I realized something. A lot of men aren’t familiar with traditional dating etiquette and chivalry, and the women are none the wiser. Due to the great response to my lingerie editorials, I decided to start The Chivalrous Life; offering a unique and refreshing perspective on romance, chivalry and lingerie through the eyes of a man.



Lingerie Spotlight – FOXERS For Men

Last month, we waxed ecstatically about a unique line of lingerie brought to you by FOXERS. FOXERS‘ forte is women’s underwear and loungewear that delivers function, comfort and fashion, while keeping it sexy and fun – an objective they have mastered. It’s pretty great seeing my lady clad in her FOXERS knowing that she feels just as cozy as she appears and looks every bit as delicious. I may be a little jealous, even. Fret not, gentlemen. FOXERS is one of the extremely rare intimate apparel couturiers that doesn’t leave the men behind. Continue reading

Lingerie Spotlight – FOXERS

Being a columnist in the lingerie industry, I’m privy to constantly evolving, new and noteworthy designs. I work with amazing designers who graciously adorn my gorgeous bride in their latest couture, inspiring the columns you read on this site. It does not suck to be me. Thanks to their popularity in the perpetual news-feeds of lingerie and ladies fashion pages, we are super-excited to bring FOXERS to the Lingerie Spotlight. Continue reading

Lingerie Spotlight – Erogenos: Designer Men’s Underwear

Erogenos - Men's Designer Underwear

Erogenos – Men’s Designer Underwear

At The Chivalrous Life, my lovely bride and I have a blast working with lingerie companies for the Lingerie Spotlight. The designers will send my baby some gorgeous pieces from their line, she will wear them (and wear them well, I might add!), and likely work them into her fundamental lingerie regimen. Sometimes the pieces may even wind up making appearances at a photo shoot here-and-there. I then get to write all about it from both of our perspectives. Mine, of course, reflecting how the pieces look on her, and hers focusing on fit, function, aesthetics, comfort and how they make her feel. It does not suck to be me. No doubt, the Chivalrous Wife makes herself vulnerable for the benefit of our readers on a fairly regular basis by sharing her intimate apparel routine. Continue reading

Lingerie Spotlight – Rhonda Shear Intimates

Last summer, we raved about a fantastic lingerie concept delivered (literally), right to your doorstep; a monthly panty-by-mail subscription service for the curvy and plus-sized beauties called Volupties, and the non-plus/curvy counterpart, Splendies. One thing that has The Chivalrous Life singing praises about our Volupties subscription is that frequently, the service introduces us to new lines. In July, it was announced that they’d be bringing Rhonda Shear Intimates back to both Splendies and Volupties packages beginning with the August delivery. Being unfamiliar with the line, we were intrigued and decided to reach out to Rhonda Shear ourselves for a feature Continue reading

Lingerie Spotlight – The Muse Lingerie

Marcela Fiol and Julio Tabares, founders of The Muse Lingerie

Marcela Fiol and Julio Tabares, founders of The Muse Lingerie

It’s my goal with The Chivalrous Life to convince more of today’s women that they too can feel sexy and confident; it all begins with their morning ritual. And Let me tell ya, there is nothing sexier than a confident woman. In 2002, Argentina natives Marcela Fiol and Julio Tabares decided to bring their fashion design experience and passion to the women of the United States. As the smitten husband of an absolutely breathtaking beauty, I couldn’t be happier with their decision!

Last August, while attending the Curve Expo in Las Vegas, I had the pleasure of meeting Marcela and Julio of The Muse Lingerie. Not only was I happy to meet quite possibly, two of the nicest people in the industry, but to be introduced to their
incredible line of luxury lingerie. Throughout the expo, they had a tall and striking model that would duck behind a curtain, appearing moments later revealing yet another sumptuous ensemble from their collection. Continue reading