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The Chivalrous Couple

The Chivalrous Couple

In early 2013, I was asked if I’d be interested in writing a column on lingerie from a man’s perspective. Apparently, they didn’t know who they were talking to! After accepting the assignment for one column, it quickly turned into a three part editorial titled, Lingerie: A Way of Life. After talking with women who had read the columns, I realized something. A lot of men aren’t familiar with traditional dating etiquette and chivalry, and the women are none the wiser. Due to the great response to my lingerie editorials, I decided to start The Chivalrous Life; offering a unique and refreshing perspective on romance, chivalry and lingerie through the eyes of a man.



Valentine’s Day: From Her/From Him

Happy Valentine's Day from the lovely Miss Ruby Roxx

Happy Valentine’s Day from the lovely Miss Ruby Roxx

Ah, February. My favorite month of the year. Most places are enjoying excellent weather, the hustle and bustle of the holidays are just a mere speck in the rear view mirror, and well, there’s Valentine’s Day. Of course I may be slightly biased about the month considering I met my bride-to-be on the 18th; we enjoyed our first lunch date on the 20th, and then our first official date on the 23rd, but I digress. There is definitely a lot of celebrating going on in the Zapp household in February. My sweetie and I enjoy doing nice things for each other all throughout the year; however, it certainly makes for a charming and endearing excuse to pour on a little extra mush and romance.

Valentine’s Day is a day that should be shared with someone special. Too many times over the years I have seen singles, men and women both, weighed down by a sense of obligation that with Valentine’s Day looming, they had to have a date. Lo and behold, they scourer their proverbial Rolodexes, little black books, cocktail napkins, contact lists or whatever the case may be, in an effort to avoid being Continue reading

Shoe Repair: A Lost Art

Betina and Dominco Zappia standing outside Nick & Sons Expert Shoe Repair  circa 1950s in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles

Betina and Dominco Zappia standing outside Nick & Sons Expert Shoe Repair circa 1950s in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles

How many times have you driven past a shoe repair shop and not thought twice about it? It’s just the old shoe repair shop that’s been there forever, right?  Wrong. It’s very likely much more than that. With great plans to start and raise a family, my grandparents immigrated to the United States from Italy in the early 1900s. My grandfather’s profession? Shoe repair. Settling in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, Pop opened his shop with a three bedroom house in the back where he and my grandmother raised my dad and his six siblings. Each of them would spend time learning their father’s trade, particularly the first born, my Uncle Joe. Joe didn’t attend school, rather he was raised working in the shop and would eventually have his own shoe repair business until his retirement at 75. Continue reading

If the Shoe Fits…

935007_10151438636505544_1297761160_nLife is good.  I am married to a gorgeous woman with impeccable taste and style to match.  My wife is a director at a Fortune 500 company and she looks every bit the part when she walks out the door each morning.  That was one of the first things I noticed about her before we actually met at a mutual workplace.  Yes, I wore the corporate hat for a minute.  Every day when I saw her at her desk, she appeared to take such meticulous care in every detail of her clothing, accessories and her subtle use of make-up.  Everything was always well coordinated and tied in with her entire look for the day.  Trust me, I walked passed her daily for months drinking her in and thinking surely, there must be something, or she has to have an “off” day some time.  Nope.  Flawless.  Eventually, Continue reading

If You Wouldn’t Do Or Say It In Dates 1-5…

romantic-date-ideas1As we continue dating someone, naturally we become increasingly comfortable with each other.  Behavior can change, language, habits, etc., and people settle into their natural selves.  This is a fantastic transition by most accounts.  Often times however, both men and women can unintentionally take for granted things that they really appreciated about one another in the first few dates.  A good way to keep this in check and keep chivalry and etiquette alive is to think of it this way: If you wouldn’t do it or say it on date 1-5, why would you on date 300?  How many of you reading this right now have ever had a conversation with someone, or perhaps you yourself have said, “he never use to talk like that” or “she never used to do that”? Continue reading

Date Night Tomorrow?

no panty day Hot date this Saturday?  Don’t say I didn’t warn ya, ladies!  As much as I absolutely love lingerie and the mystique of wondering what my lady is wearing while we are out on a date, these days/nights are equally as exciting  and a welcome surprise on occasion.  Given that most men won’t know of this “holiday”, embrace this opportunity to take your man by surprise!  Wonder if the banks and post office will be closed tomorrow?  🙂 – XO Johnny